Shirley Sherrod, behaving badly

The conventional wisdom on the Shirley Sherrod story is, I think, that everyone (Breitbart, the NAACP, and the Obama administration) behaved badly. I think it’s more accurate to say that these players acted less carefully than they should have.
Who actually behaved badly? I think the NAACP members who got such a kick out of Ms. Sherrod’s account of discriminating (initially at least) against a white farmer behaved badly.
And now, Sherrod herself is behaving badly. In the clip below, she claims that Andrew Breitbart wants “to get us [“all black people”] stuck back in the times of slavery.”
Sherrod claims to have transcended racism. Maybe so. Her attack on Breitbart is not necessary motivated by his race. But by making the unfounded and absurd charge that Brietbart favors slavery for blacks, Sherrod show she has not transcended racial irresponsibility.