David Cameron goes full idiot

According to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech in Ankara this week, Gaza is a prison camp and Israel is the jailer. Barry Rubin assesses what Cameron has wrought in “In speech to Turkey, PM David Cameron goes full idiot.” I’m not sure how far Cameron had to go to get there, but Rubin makes a persuasive case that he has arrived. At full idiocy, that is.
Rubin reflects: “It crossed my mind that the speech was written by the Foreign Office for the express purpose of making Cameron look foolish, but then I realized that he and his top advisors probably have no idea why it was such a disaster.” Rubin deems the speech “a fitting symbol for the entire contemporary Western diplomatic approach to the Middle East, and much more to the world as well. By the way,” he adds, “it is doomed to fail miserably.”