Dems Hope to Survive November With Dignity

That’s why President Obama apparently is calling on Charlie Rangel to resign. With the Democrats facing a brutal election cycle, an ethics trial stretching into the fall is the last thing they need. Hence Obama’s concern that Rangel experience a dignified exit:

[Obama] tells CBS News that it’s time for the embattled 80-year-old former Ways and Means Chairman to end his career “with dignity.”
“I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served– his constituents very well. But these– allegations are very troubling,” Obama told Harry Smith in an interview to be aired on the “Early Show” and first broadcast on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.
“And he’ll– he’s somebody who’s at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I’m sure that– what he wants is to be able to– end his career with dignity. And my hope is that– it happens.”

I suspect it will.