A one-way dilemma

Ben Smith of Politico finds that Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Kentucky, has a dilemma. The dilemma arises because Paul is a liberatarian and, as such, favors some positions that are unpopular. According to Smith, Paul is uncomfortable fudging his liberatarian views, but also wary of articulating them, thereby providing ammunition to his opponent.
One solution is to avoid the media, but this creates the impression that he’s incapable of answering questions. Smith argues that Sharron Angle faces the same problem in her Nevada Senate race.
You might think that left-liberal candidates in non-blue states seeking election to Congress for the first time — or a leftist seeking the presidency — would face the same dilemma, since so many of their positions are unpopular. But unlike Paul and Angle, most of these candidates are not the least bit uncomfortable fudging their liberal beliefs in order to gain office.


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