Civility? By All Means! But Vote No.

The Senate opened debate today on President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Harry Reid began the proceedings with a plea for civility. Coming from a Democrat, this was deeply ironic. I guess he meant that he didn’t want the Republicans to bork Ms. Kagan.
There was, of course, no fear of that. Republicans don’t play that despicable game. But the fact is that Elena Kagan is not remotely qualified for the Supreme Court; not by experience, not by temperament and not by philosophy. Senator Jeff Sessions stated the case against her with great clarity:

Ms. Kagan has less support with the American public than any Supreme Court nominee in recent years, for good reasons. Republicans appear to be coalescing around a determination to vote against her confirmation. If that proves to be right, it’s a good thing.


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