Another look at Rocky Raczkowski

Yesterday, I previewed four Michigan House races based on comments from a loyal reader who lives in Michigan. The reader was pretty optimistic about Republican prospects for picking up at least two seats, and maybe as many as four. However, he thought that the Republican candidate in MI-9, Rocky Raczkowski, didn’t seem dynamic and thus might struggle to unseat the uninspiring Democratic incumbent, Gary Peters.
Today, another loyal reader, this one a resident of MI-9, takes exception. He writes (in part):

Mr. Raczkowski is the son of immigrants (yes, legal ones) and has served in the Michigan legislature (from a Democrat leaning area, btw) and in his 2nd term was chosen as the youngest Majority Floor Leader in our history. . . .He is a veteran of the Global War On Terror, carrying the rank of Major and was awarded the Bronze Star. He returned from his last deployment last September (six months after his main primary opponent, Paul Welday, had announced for the seat). . . .
Rocky has an incredibly active and vibrant volunteer force behind him. They are heavily weighted toward seniors. They are enthusiastic and always outnumbered the backers of his opponents at all the debates I attended. BTW – He beat his main challenger, Mr. Welday, with almost twice the number of votes. This in spite of a very negative campaign by Mr. Welday through the last 3 weeks of the campaign.
I am putting my money on Rocky from what I have seen the last 6 months.

Personally, I don’t know Rocky Raczkowski from Rocky Colavito. My purpose in these posts is to present the impressions of readers who do know the candidates. My expectation is that the collective knowledge of Power Line readers will provide insight into important races in far-flung districts throughout the U.S.
Thus, I encourage readers in hotly contested districts to send us their thoughts. We can’t promise to post them all, but each one will be considered and will add to our base of knowledge.
In the meantime, you can form your own opinion about Rocky by visiting his website. If you like what you see, you can make a contribution to the campaign here.


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