What will it take to win on November 2?

Trifecta is the highly entertaining show featuring Pajamas TV commentators Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green. Ott has somehow prevailed on the powers that be at PJTV to post the current edition of Trifecta on YouTube, making the video available without the necessity of registration (which isn’t difficult and works like a breeze).
Any one of these guys could carry a show of his own, as Whittle does, for example, on his outstanding Afterburner series. (And as Glenn Reynolds does on his terrific Instavision series.) Taken all together, Whittle, Ott and Green are something of a power trio, like the Jimi Hendrix Experience or Cream.
In this episode of Trifecta, the trio seeks to motivate Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party folks, etc. to do what it will take to win in November. They have good advice and an important message. Great line (Bill Whittle): “I know more people looking forward to November 2 than to December 25.”


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