In search of Elizabeth M. Ackland

Charlie Sykes has posted Senator Feingold’s new ad featuring some footage designed to make the argument that the $787 billion (and climbing) stimulus bill created Wisconsin jobs. Sykes notes that one piece of footage features a nameplate with the name Elizabeth Ackland being placed outside an office or cubicle. It appears, according to Sykes, that the person named does not exist – not in voter databases, nothing on Lexis-Nexis, not on Facebook or other social media: “In fact, the only Elizabeth Ackland that could be found in Wisconsin died in 1877.”
Sykes adds: “It would be strange, if Feingold’s argument is true and Wisconsinites really did benefit from his stimulus bill, that he would need to make up a person, or use a long-departed person, to represent a job created in his campaign ad.”
Moe Lane asks: “Who is Elizabeth M. Ackland?” David Lunde is the proprietor of Lundesigns. He also has an evocative question for Senator Feingold.


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