How Patriotic Can You Get?

We wrote about Rima Fakih, Miss USA in the Miss Universe contest, which will take place on August 23 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, here. And we wrote about the “national costume” controversy, which has riled pageant fans in Australia, here. Now it’s time to combine the two, as Miss USA’s national costume is on display. You can see it in this video. My only observation is that if President Obama’s “outreach” efforts have been a failure everywhere else, they seem to have succeeded with Miss Fakih:

We can add, I guess, that Miss USA’s “national costume” is nowhere near as weird as Australia’s.
UPDATE: Australian newspaper columnist Andrew Bolt takes the patriotic side of this controversy seriously. He thinks I misjudge the relative weirdness of the two “national costumes.” He could be right. In any event, I certainly agree with his observation that “Power Line is sounder on politics than on fashion.”


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