Hope and Change!

Young people and African-Americans spearheaded Barack Obama’s election in 2008. So, how is that working out for them? Not so well: African American Unemployment Rate Inched Higher in July.

The unemployment rate for African Americans edged slightly higher in July to 15.6%, from 15.4% in June, while the overall jobless rate remained unchanged at 9.5%.

Young people aren’t doing well either:

The number of young unemployed across the world has soared to a record high and is likely to climb further this year, a United Nations agency reported Thursday, amid a U.S. government report that that jobless claims in America jumped to five-month high.
The International Labor Organization said in its 2010 report that out of 620 million youths ages 15 to 24 in the global work force, 81 million were unemployed at the end of 2009, and warned of a “lost generation” as more youths lose hope of finding work.

That’s international, of course, but it reflects what is happening here. Meanwhile, Harry Reid says he can’t imagine why any Hispanic could be a Republican. I dunno; maybe he wants a job?


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