Which way in Washington state? Part Three

In my last post about the Senate race in Washington state, I referred to a poll by Survey USA according to which 54 percent of Washington voters disapprove of Sen. Patty Murray’s performance, while only 41 percent approve. Now comes a poll by the same organization that puts Republican challenger Dino Rossi ahead of Murray by a margin of 52-45 among likely voters.
This poll does not seem entirely consistent with the results of Tuesday’s primary in which, with candidates from both parties appearing on the same line, Murray won 46 percent of the vote; Rossi won 34 percent; and Tea Party candidate Clint Didier (whose votes cannot all be consider locks for Rossi) won 12 percent. There is no doubt, however, that Murray is in trouble. I doubt that the probability of her re-election exceeds 50 percent.


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