Is voting for Pelosi right for South Dakota?

Chris Cillizza draws attention to South Dakota Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s new advertisement supporting her reelection campaign. Sandlin is encouraging the people of South Dakota to disconnect her from Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the national Democratic Party:

In [the ad], Sandlin seeks — as so many targeted Democrats are doing this cycle — to distance herself from the goings-on in Washington (and even her own party).
“In Washington, they call this flyover country,” says Sandlin as a view from a passing plane is shown. “They look down from 30,000 feet and don’t care about our agriculture, the Second Amendment or our fiscally conservative values.”
Sandlin add that she took on “liberal leaders” to protect South Dakotans’ gun rights and “fought people in both parties who want to just throw money away.”
The message is crystal clear: I am not one of them, I am one of you. (The “them” of course can be equally applied to her own party as Republicans.) Put another way, Sandlin is making an empathy argument: You know me and I know you so whatever you think of Washington, that’s not me.
Every image (and word) in the ad is aimed at playing up that idea — from the fact that it is shot in South Dakota to the fact she is referred to as simply “Stephanie.” Just in case you missed that message, Sandlin closes the ad with this line: “No matter which party’s in charge, I do what’s right for South Dakota.”

Message: Stephanie thinks you’re stupid. Sandlin must think South Dakota voters are really, really slow. If Sandlin followed the logic of her ad and wanted to do what’s right for South Dakota, she would support Kristi Noem on November 2.

Incidentally, it looks like Sandlin voted in favor of the $860 billion stimulus bill. How does that square with South Dakota’s “fiscally conservative fiscal values”? What a fraud. Stephanie, if you were a product instead of a politician, the Federal Trade Commission would come after you for false advertising.
JOHN adds: Here is Kristi Noem’s YouTube response to Sandlin’s ad. Polls show her surging past Sandlin, as she should:


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