Whistling Past the Graveyard

News coverage of Glenn Beck’s Washington rally has generally been inoffensive. Sure, the Associated Press gave almost equal time to Al Sharpton’s pathetically small counter-rally, but for the most part liberal news outlets found little to criticize in yesterday’s gathering on the Mall. The New York Times was generally respectful and began its account by referring to the “enormous and impassioned crowd” that attended the event.
I had to laugh, though, at the Democrats’ reaction to Beck’s rally as reported by the Washington Post:

Democrats attempted to find political advantage in the rally by launching an offensive designed to link it to the Republican Party, and thereby portray Republicans as extremists beholden to the tea party agenda. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, assailed Republicans for pursuing a “destructive agenda” and called out the tea party movement for pushing the GOP to the “extreme right.”

Please, Democrats, keep it up! Continue associating the Republican Party with the movement that is by far more powerful than anything else on the current political scene. Actually, if I have any reservation about the Tea Party movement it is its nonpartisan nature and consequent potential to work inadvertent electoral mischief. It’s good to see the Democrats helping to solve that problem by reminding people that if they want to reverse the disastrous course this nation is on, they need to vote Republican.