Dead Heat

We have been reporting on the Minnesota gubernatorial race among Tom Emmer, a solid conservative; Mark Dayton, a deeply flawed and wackily liberal Democrat; and tax-raiser Tom Horner playing the traditional spoiler’s role as the representative of the Independence Party. Republicans have been dispirited by an early poll showing Dayton with a substantial lead, but today’s NPR/Humphrey Institute survey has the race tied among likely voters, 34-34, with Horner at 13 percent.
The poll also suggests a lot of volatility, with quite a few voters whose minds aren’t made up; also, of course, the third-party candidate injects volatility because it is hard to predict how many who say they support him in polls will change their minds in the voting booth and pull the lever for someone who can win.
All of which means that we have a hot race that should stay interesting until November 2. If you want to help save Minnesota from the embarrassing prospect of a Mark Dayton administration–Dayton makes Jesse Ventura look like a model of stability and good judgment–go here, read about Emmer and donate to his campaign.


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