Concurrent or consecutive sentences?

As I see it, the nation’s current economic woes translate, under normal political practice, into a net gain of roughly 50 House seats for the out-of-power party. The perception that President Obama won the presidency on false pretenses, is governing from too far to the left, and needs to curbed translates into a net gain of roughly 25 seats.
The question is, will the Democrats serve these two “sentences” concurrently or consecutively?
UPDATE: I am being a bit whimsical in this post. Obviously, the 50-seat “economic” pick-up (if that’s the correct number) will come mostly from districts where the Democrats are inherently vulnerable, with some seats in particularly distressed districts mixed in. The 25 seats winnable on ideological grounds (if that’s the correct number) will also consist largely of inherently vulnerable ones.
Thus, if my numbers are right (and they are hardly scientific), the Republican net gain will be closer to 50 than to 75.


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