ICNA recruits at the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair runs through Monday, closing Monday night with Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald performing at the Grandstand as the Dukes of September. It should be a terrific show, reprising a version of Fagen’s inspired New York Rock & Soul Revue twenty years ago.
In other State Fair news, AP reporter Patrick Condon catches the Islamic Circle of North America in the act of recruiting at the fair. Condon doesn’t present the ICNA activity as recruitment. He presents it (as you might guess) as something benign. Something kinda cute. But you can get the picture from his article.
What the heck is the ICNA? Condon doesn’t bother to explain to readers what it is. If the ICNA had its way, however, it is highly likely that the Minnesota State Fair would be among the many victims of its strictures.
As luck would have it, the folks at the Investigative Project on Terrorism have just released a fascinating examination of the ICNA under the heading “Promoting radical ideas: What ICNA demands of its members.” The IPT report does a great job covering what Condon left out of his article. You might say it supplies the “context” Condon omits.