Beinart bashed

From the right, Andrew Ferguson administers justice to Peter Beinart in “Pundit (declined).” Is Beinart deserving of Ferguson’s attention? I’m not sure, but the result, as noted in “Beinart, bloodied” (which also links to critiques of Beinart’s essay on young American Jews turning away from Israel) is highly enjoyable.
Beinart is the author of two books on American foreign policy. Ferguson briefly discusses The Good Fight, the first of Beinart’s two books. This year Beinart published a new book on the role of hubris in American foreign policy. From the left, David Rieff takes a critical look at Beinart’s two books in the review/essay “Punditry at the drive-thru.”
Rieff finds Beinart’s books wanting in their own right. He adds that Beinart himself has treated his first book somewhat unkindly. In his current book, Rieff writes, Beinart’s first book has “gone the way of Bukharin in a Stalin-era Soviet encyclopedia. It has been replaced by a new explanatory key, radically different from but no less simplistic than the one Beinart put forward in The Good Fight, which, reading his latest offering, one would barely know he had ever written.”


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