Barack, Can We Talk?

Through the genius of Iowahawk, insight on a relationship gone bad:

Barack, can we, uh, talk for a few minutes?
Oh, nothing. It’s just that it just seems we haven’t had a chance to talk for a while. I mean, I know we’ve both been busy for the past year or so. You with your fundraisers and golfing and stuff, and me with all those appointments at the unemployment office. But you know I think it’s important in a relationship like ours to keep the lines of communication open. …
Yeah I know my some of my friends warned me you were trouble, and that it was the alcohol talking. But I knew that if we gave it a chance we could make it work. You and me, together. And after you moved in, I really think we did for a while. I mean, you’ve really helped me get over my inhibitions and hangups, and I like to think I’ve really helped you grow and discover yourself. Like last year when I lent you $800 billion to pay for your demo tape and new rims for the Cadillac.
No, no. I’m not asking for the money back now, Paul Krugman told me you’re good for it. And please don’t think I don’t appreciate all the constructive criticism. It’s important for me to know when I’m not meeting your needs and when I’m holding you back. Look, I know I’m not the prettiest democracy in the hemisphere, and I really can’t blame you when your eyes wander to Spain or Venezuela. It’s just been kind of hard to pay attention to my appearance since losing my job.

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