“Toss-up” bypassed

I ceratinly hope that Christine O’Donnell defeats Chris Coons in November. Indeed, despite her flaws, I’d rather see her in the Senate than Mike Castle because she would be a far more reliable conservative vote. The deal-breaker for me was what I perceive to be O’Donnell’s bleak prospects in the general election.
Speaking of which, PPP (whose last poll of the primary had O’Donnell defeating Castle) reportedly is about to present the following bleak facts about O’Donnell’s prospects:

*Only 31% of Delaware voters think Christine O’Donnell is fit to hold public office.
*O’Donnell’s favorable/unfavorable split is 29/50.
*Castle primary voters supports Coons over O’Donnell 44-28 in the general election.

In connection with the last of these facts, keep in mind that O’Donnell defeated Castle only by several thousand votes.
I hope O’Donnell will overcome these awful numbers, but I have a hard time seeing how she can.
No wonder Stu Rothenberg has already moved the Delaware Senate race from Lean Republican to Lean Democratic, bypassing toss-up entirely. It would be interesting to know whether Rothenberg was tempted to rate the race Likely Democratic. Given the numbers cited above, I would have been.
Via Daniel Foster.