Tide Still Flowing Our Way

From all around the country poll data are coming in, and nearly all are encouraging for conservatives. Here are a couple of instances from Rasmussen Reports. In Wisconsin, it increasingly looks as though Russ Feingold is going down. Currently, Ron Johnson leads Feingold among likely voters 51-44 percent. Meanwhile, in Indiana, Dan Coats has pulled away from Democrat Brad Ellsworth by a 50-34 percent margin. I think we can put that one safely in the GOP column.
Scott Rasmussen’s polls are unique, or almost so, in that they focus on likely voters throughout the election cycle, not just in the last few weeks before the election. That makes them a much more reliable indicator than “registered voter” polls or, worse, “anyone who answers the phone” polls. This is especially true this year, when enthusiasm is so much higher on the Republican (conservative) side.
Tomorrow I will do the radio show on AM 1280 the Patriot along with Brian “St. Paul” Ward. Scott Rasmussen will be our guest at noon central time. It should be a fascinating conversation. You can listen on the web by following the link.
In the meantime, you can go here to watch Glenn Reynolds interview Rasmussen on the Tea Party and other phenomena of the 2010 campaign cycle.


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