Twenty candidates who need help plus two

Jim Geraghty updates his list of “Twenty candidates who need help.” Jim spotlights the 13 members of his original Underfunded 20 who still belong on a list of important GOP challengers needing every bit of help they can get. It’s a good list. Please check it out and help where you can.
Reader Daniel Reasoner writes that in Iowa (“a very purple state”), Mariannette Miller-Meeks is is running for Congress against a very liberal Cornell College political science professor. Mr. Reasoner notes that Miller-Meeks is exactly the type of accomplished citizen candidate we want to see elected. She appears to be an impressive candidate in a tight race. Mr. Reasoner asks readers to check out the Miller-Meeks site and contribute here.
On a related note, Pat Toomey’s Senate campaign wrote to give a heads up that President Obama was campaigning/fundraising in Philadelphia yesterday for Joe Sestak. The Toomey campaign launched an online fundraising effort of its own in response to raise $20,000 online ($20k on the 20th). Jim Geraghty noted Toomey’s appeal here. We missed the deadline to pitch in yesterday, but I’m sure any help our readers might be willing to extend to the campaign would still be much appreciated. Contribute here.


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