Car-buncle on the body politic

It has been hard to keep up with events involving the Obama administration’s takeover of General Motors, but we should try. it takes us down the road to national socialism and gangster government. Investor’s Business Daily checked in on GM with the the timely editorial “GM: Car-buncle on the body politic.”
“Cancer on the body politic” might be more like it. The Washington Post notes in passing that GM made $47,000 in contributions to congressional and other candidates in July, the first it has made since November 2008. GM gave a total of $26,000 to seven Republicans, including $2,000 to Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, and a total of $21,000 to nine Democrats, including $1,000 to Rep. James E. Clyburn of South Carolina. (“A GM spokesman did not return a call seeking comment.”) The Washington Examiner has compiled a complete list of the beneficiaries of GM’s generosity.


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