The inconvenient truth about Gary McDowell

In one of the year’s most closely watched congressional races, Republican Dan Benishek and Democrat Gary McDowell are batting to succeed Bart Stupak as the representative of Michigan’s First District. We wrote about that race here.
It may be a close contest. A poll released by the McDowell campaign a week or so ago had Benishek leading McDowell 41-38, which is within the margin of error.
Third party candidate Glenn Wilson, a conservative, was preferred by 12 percent of respondents. Since third party candidates often fade on election day, Benishek may be a better position than the poll suggests.
McDowell may also suffer by virtue of having endorsed the idea that medical care for seniors nearing the end of life is a resource that needs to be rationed. McDowell seemed to agree with an audience member who referred to this bit of left-liberal dogma as an “inconvenient truth.” Let’s hope that it proves inconvenient for Gary McDowell.


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