News of the Mandel campaign

Josh Mandel is the Republican candidate for Ohio state treasurer. He is a 32-year-old state legislator whose experience includes two tours in Iraq as a Marine. He is my favorite candidate running for office this year. Josh’s campaign has sent out a message this morning with reference to an unusual news story bearing on his race:

The Plain Dealer has caught Treasurer Kevin Boyce lying to its Editorial Board.
In his September 22 endorsement interview, Boyce looked four Plain Dealer editors in the eye and told them that the embarrassing and unusual mass staff exodus from his office is a result of his FIRING all of his top staffers.
Bad luck for Boyce though… he wasn’t expecting The Plain Dealer to actually investigate his claim.
The Plain Dealer talked to these past staffers, obtained public records, and just broke on the front page of the Metro section that Boyce actually lied to the Editorial Board as he sat before them asking for their endorsement. The Plain Dealer reported that in fact Boyce never fired these staffers — rather, they CHOSE to leave Boyce — in mass exodus.
This is consistent with numerous reports of Boyce’s entire senior staff quitting because of their disgust with his serious mismanagement issues and pattern of corrupt activity. Numerous former Boyce staffers have in fact described his office as an “ethics nightmare”.
The key staffers quitting Boyce in his short 18 months in office include his Chief of Staff, Campaign Manager, Finance Director, Communications Director, Director of Community Affairs, Information Technology Director, Director of Community Education, Director of Technology and his Executive Assistant.
Further, The Plain Dealer reported that instead of taking responsibility for the mismanagement and ethics issues that caused this mass exodus of top-level staffers from his office, Boyce actually blamed his former Chief of Staff, Mike Culp — and threw Culp right under the bus.
Leaders take responsibility for the team that they lead. Cowards point the finger at others when things go wrong.
Kevin Boyce has shown his true colors by lying to The Plain Dealer and then blaming his well-respected former Chief-of-Staff for the “ethics nightmare” that’s unfortunately become the Ohio Treasurer’s office.

The interesting Plain Dealer story referred to in the message is posted here.


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