Twenty months in two minutes

Can it be only twenty months or so that Obama has been in office as president? It feels more like twenty years. Ben Howe captures the essence of these months in a video he calls “The Socialist,” with credits to himself as director, to Caleb Howe for post-production, to Karl Marx for the story, to the Sixties for the conception, and to Barack Obama starring as The Socialist.
The video provides a graphic counterpart to Stanley Kurtz’s political biography of Obama to be published on October 19. Kurtz’s new book is Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. Kurtz announced the impending publication of the book here.
Howe’s video does a good job of reminding us what is at stake in the upcoming elections. I doubt that many of our readers need help remembering, but the video may nevertheless come in handy.

Via Diane Ellis/Ricochet.