The trouble with Minnesota, cont’d

We’ve been following the polls of the Minnesota gubernatorial race among Democrat Mark Dayton, Republican Tom Emmer and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. Recent Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio/Humphrey Institute polls have shown Dayton with a large lead, but we’ve raised questions about their samples and I think we can now call out those polls.
The Rasmussen Reports poll is the gold standard in public polling. Rasmussen’s new poll reflects a tight race in Minnesota showing Dayton two points up on Emmer at 40-38 percent; Horner is drawing 15 percent. Five percent are undecided. Rasmussen calls the race “a virtual tie.” Tom Emmer can still pull this race out.
The trouble with Minnesota is the suffocating liberalism of the political and media culture in the Twin Cities. Not to put too fine a point on it, it is sickening. Minnesota has nevertheless produced conservative Republican stars including Governor Tim Pawlenty, Second District Rep. John Kline and Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann. Third District Rep. Erik Paulsen is an outstanding freshman. They have emerged and prevailed despite the constant pounding conservatives take in the media, in academia and elsewhere. They are all, incidentally, stalwart friends of Israel, by contrast with Twin Cities Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum.

Mark Dayton is a profoundly troubled individual. His weirdness is evident even in his own paid advertising. Take a look at Dayton in action in the video above. Notice the technique. Keep the camera moving. Show Dayton from the side and preferably from the back. Edit to produce the semblance of coherence and let him read the track back in the studio when the meds have kicked in. Damn. He’s still swallowing and slurring his words. Something is seriously wrong with this guy.

In the video above, Dayton is seen but not heard. Good move! The ad plays on the good will of Minnesota’s beloved Dayton’s department stores business that has funded the trust on which he’s lived most of his adult life. Dayton himself has otherwise had nothing to do with the business.
Dayton’s has morphed into the massively successful Target Corporation. Target, however, has supported Tom Emmer in this race, and with good reason. The folks who run the company are not stupid.
If Mark Dayton were not a Democrat, he would be a laughingstock.
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