Can’t Buy Me Love

The seventieth anniversary of John Lennon’s birth is perhaps an apt time to remember that money isn’t everything–no matter how much money Harry Reid has, and he commands almost infinite financial resources, he can’t buy love from voters in Nevada. Politico records the fear that is sweeping through Reid’s campaign:

New polling out of Nevada is unnerving Democrats who fear Republican Sharron Angle’s campaign is surging despite enduring millions of dollars’ worth of TV ad attacks from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid….
While Reid’s campaign insists there is nothing to be nervous about, one Nevada Democratic strategist said that’s not the vibe behind the scenes.
“Reid’s people are really antsy,” said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Reid’s far-reaching political machine tends to come down hard on those who talk out of school. “That’s why their external message has been to try really, really hard to discredit these polls. Angle is building a lot of momentum, and they don’t know how to stop it. This is exactly what happened during the primary.”

You can donate to Sharron Angle’s campaign here. Of course she will never be able to match Harry Reid’s millions, but she doesn’t have to. She just needs a reasonable opportunity to put her case before the people of Nevada.


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