Chris Christie’s strong shot

We have already featured Republican/Conservative Party challenger Randy Altschuler as one of our original strong shots in his race against Democratic incumbent against Democrat Tim Bishop in New York’s First Congressional District. Today Chris Christie endorsed Altschuler. This endorsement should help; Governor Christie is popular in the eastern end of Long Island where the First Congressional District is located.
The race is competitive, with internal and public polls showing the race swinging back and forth within the margin of error. The race is so important to the Democrats that Joe Biden is holding a fund raiser for Bishop, in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, New York is an expensive media market and the Altschuler campaign needs help to maintain financial parity with Bishop.
Altschuler is a successful businessman who has never previously run for or sought political office before. He has withstood a blistering negative anti-business advertising blitz by Bishop. Please consider contributing to Altschuler here.


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