Whatever Happened to Miss Teen South Carolina?

Maybe she got a job at the New York Times. A cloud of unknowing obscures the geography of exotic places like Iowa and North Dakota. From yesterday’s Corrections section:

An article on Sunday about the length of the men’s college hockey season misidentified the university that was the runner-up to last season’s N.C.A.A. champion, Boston College. It is Wisconsin, not Miami of Ohio. The article also misidentified a city in North Dakota where hockey is popular. It is Grand Forks — not Sioux City, which is in Iowa. (The University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux play in Grand Forks. And a minor league hockey team, the Musketeers, play in Sioux City.)

Grand Forks, Sioux City–who can tell the difference? I think the problem is that some people out there at the New York Times don’t have maps.