A word from Peter Rice

I found this message from reader Peter Rice of interest, and not just for the compliment it contains for our coverage of the political scene. I thought you might find this message of interest as well. Our reader writes regarding his recent trip with his wife:

We returned a few days ago from being away for three weeks, mainly on a cruise from England to Florida via the northern North Atlantic (Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, and Iceland). For “news” we had CNN International and BBC World TV and they had VERY little USA news and almost no mention of Obama, the Democrats, and the USA federal/state/local elections. For a couple days between Iceland and Nova Scotia the only news was via email; we were outside of the various TV satellite footprints.
Your daily Power Line emails were our best source of news/opinion about the USA elections. Drudge was good for leading headlines. We were amazed at how VERY little CNN International/BBC had about the USA elections; apparently if almost all of the Obama news was bad, they would rather not cover it.
FYI, I am a retired diplomat and former US Army officer (my wife is a retired US Army JAGC officer – and retired member of the Minnesota bar — one of the few black members) and we have lived overseas ten years. Leading up to previous USA elections there was much coverage by English language press and by CNN International. This time the “news” was about a bus accident in Nigeria, problems with preparations for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, the miners in Chile and such.

(Emphasis in original. I love the quotes around “news.”) We can only hope that our reader has identified a leading indicator pointing toward a Republican wave on November 2.


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