How about a moratorium on construction of false graves?

The following is one of those stories that, through its sheer strangeness, provides a better window into Israeli-Palestinian relations than 1,000 accounts you might read in the mainstream media. It seems that the Muslim Waqf (a religious endowment in Islamic law that oversees land for Muslim religious or charitable purposes) has asked a court to force the city of Jerusalem to stop removing false graves from an ancient Muslim cemetery near the center of the city.
What are the false graves doing in the cemetery? According to this report, the Waqf had them constructed because it wanted to add property to the cemetery.
The cemetery had been in a state of severe disrepair for more than a century despite being under the supervision of the Waqf. But recently trucks, tractors and other heavy machines were spotted dumping building materials at the site. Workers then shaped the materials into Muslim-style tombstones with no one buried beneath them. Approximately 300 such tombstones were created.
Later, it was reported that essentially the same thing was occurring in the area of the Eastern Wall in Jerusalem (adjacent to the Western Wall). In that case, the Arabs involved simply ignored a ruling that deems the area a national park. Apparently, the police are also ignoring that ruling and, indeed, preventing Jews from passing through the area.
After receiving reports about the construction at the cemetery near the center of the city, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Lands Authority began removing the tombs. The Waqf sought legal redress. Argument was heard this week.
Absent evidence that anyone was buried in the graves at issue, the Waqf’s case seems like it should be dead on arrival. We’ll see.
How odd that Israel is expected not to build in settlements to accommdate live citizens, while Muslims build in Jerusalem on behalf of Arabs who never existed.


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