Walt Minnick loses support of Tea Party Express

Walter Minnick represents Idaho’s first congressional district. He is a Democrat, but not a liberal one, having voted against both the stimulus and Obamacare. Nonetheless, Minnick voted with his party 71 percent of the time during this Congress (his first). These votes included supporting the “Lilly Ledbetter Act” and opposing a spending cap through 2014.
Based on his votes against the stimulus and Obamacare, the Tea Party Express endorsed Minnick for re-election during the primary campaign. However, the Tea Party now has decided to endorse Minnick’s Republican opponent, Raul Labrador. It bases its change of heart on three main things: (1) Minnick has refused to support the repeal of Obamacare, (2) he has refused to say that he will not support Nancy Pelosi as his party’s leader in the next Congress, and (3) he has declined the support of the Tea Party Express, allegedly under pressure from his party’s leadership.
The Labrador campaign says its polling has Minnick in the lead, but only by an unimpressive 37-31 margin. If Minnick actually is polling at under 40 percent, he could in trouble and the support of theTea Party Express could help tip the balance in this conservative district.
You can support Labrador by going here.


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