Welcome to Minnesota

President Obama will be at the University of Minnesota today, trying to rally teenagers whose minds are probably elsewhere to turn out for the Democrats. It says volumes about the Democrats’ problems that Obama’s eleventh-hour salvage mission is focused mostly, if not entirely, on college campuses.
Governor Tim Pawlenty welcomed President Obama to Minnesota by explaining some local words and phrases:

UPDATE: George Will has a nice column on Pawlenty:

In the four decades before Pawlenty was elected governor in 2002, the average two-year increase in state spending was 21 percent. During his tenure, the average annual increase has been 2 percent. He says that the current two-year budget cycle will be the first in 150 years in which spending will be cut in real, constant dollars. …
Pawlenty has benefited from an affliction — Minnesota’s Legislature. Currently, Republicans are outnumbered 47 to 87 in the House and 21 to 46 in the Senate. As a result, he has had, and has seized, ample opportunities to veto things, including increases in taxes on incomes, gasoline, beer and wine. He holds the Minnesota record for most vetoes cast in a single legislative session. The Cato Institute murmurs, “Be still my heart!”


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