Simplicity itself

The Washington Post ran an article today about Newt Gingrich called “Out of the Wilderness and into the Mix for 2012.” The writer, Karen Tumulty, seems confident that Gingrich is interested in running for president, and I have no reason to doubt that he is. I also agree with Tumulty’s suggestion that if Sarah Palin decides not to run, Gingrich’s prospects for gaining the Republican nomination might be pretty good.
Gingrich would bring considerable strengths and considerable weakness to the race. In this respect, he’s like all of the other presumed main contenders. So why shouldn’t he be in the mix, if that’s what he wants?
Gingrich has always been a big picture idea guy. This, I suppose, is both a strength and a weakness for him.
According to Tumulty, Gingrich’s latest big idea is that “2+2=4.” It has the added virtue of being true.
The point, apparently, is to present a simple affirmation that conservative principles are grounded in fact. As a slogan, it beats “I’m right and you’re wrong.”
Gingrich reportedly has called 2+2=4 “the most important governing concept over the next 20 to 25 years.” If you say so, Newt; you’re the big idea guy.