Behind the Curve

In this eventful year, the most impressive candidate to come to the fore has been Marco Rubio. Rubio is, along with Chris Christie, the most inspiring conservative to come along in quite a while. It doesn’t take much imagination to see Marco on a national ticket before long. Tomorrow, he will cruise to a devastating victory over the once-heavily-favored Charlie Crist and the never-knew-what-hit-him Kendrick Meek.
All around the country, people who follow politics have been buzzing about Marco Rubio for some months now. In a few benighted precincts, however, those who don’t really keep up with the news are just now catching on. That group includes, apparently, the New York Times, which published this correction today:

An article on Friday about the role that the Hispanic vote may play in the race for the 23rd Congressional District in Texas misstated the given name of a Hispanic candidate in Florida who is the Republican nominee for the United States Senate. He is Marco Rubio, not Mark.

Watch for the Times’ up to the minute coverage of the election tomorrow.


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