President Bush throws a strike

I was pulling for the Texas Rangers to win the World Series this year, so I was disappointed that it came to an end with the Giants’ victory in Game 5 last night. More than anything, however, I wanted the Series to last beyond election day this year. It wasn’t to be.
What was the highlight of the Series this year? I thought it came just before Game 4, when the two Presidents Bush motored on to the infield where they were met by Nolan Ryan for the ceremonial first pitch. President Bush the younger zinged it in to Ryan, showing that he hadn’t lost anything off his fastball in the past 10 years.
The sight of the two Presidents Bush together at the ballgame with their wives in the stands made for an incredibly moving moment, and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The roar of the crowd gave voice to the feelings of a lot of people who couldn’t be there.
Major League Baseball killed the video I had posted, but our Joe Malchow found another one to replace it. This one includes a glimpse of the superb Lyle Lovett singing the National Anthem. He sung it straight and true, making his own contribution to the all-American moment that followed.
In the event that you missed it, here is the highlight of the 2010 World Series, once more once.


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