A timely reminder

With the polls about to close and the vote about to be counted, Ray Hartwell offers a timely reminder about voting fraud. Among other points, Ray makes the following:

[R]egistering voters fraudulently has become a major activity of “community organizers” and other activists, who have been funded generously by both partisan benefactors and our very own tax dollars. It is indicative of the level of fraud that, for example, the number of registered voters in Philadelphia is 125 percent of the voting-age population. That’s participation.
Partisan groups also encourage government complicity in their aggressive strategies. The George Soros-funded Secretary of State Project is illustrative. This organization has given more than $100 million to groups working to elect Democrats to positions that oversee elections. One of its success stories, Jennifer Brunner of Ohio, ruled in favor of same-day registration and early voting (which facilitate fraud) in 2008 and even sought unsuccessfully to invalidate vast numbers of Republican absentee ballots.
Another indicator is the Obama administration’s failure to enforce the federal law requiring that absentee ballots be mailed to active-duty military personnel at least 45 days before the election. Despite numerous requests, the Department of Justice has taken no effective action. So the 2008 pattern of disenfranchisement of our citizens serving abroad in the military is continuing this year. . . .
Similarly, the department will not enforce the voting-list maintenance requirements of the Motor Voter law. In other words, it’s fine with the political appointees running Justice to leave the dead, the imaginary, the noncitizens, the felons and other improperly registered voters on the rolls. The folks in charge at Justice are not concerned about the obvious potential for fraudulent voting. Could this have to do with their expectations about how those votes will be cast?

The Democrats are about to be swamped. But don’t be surprised if they hold onto a seat here of there — including perhaps a decisive Senate seat — through fraud or irregularity.


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