Meanwhile, in Michigan. . .

I don’t have a clear sense of the Peters-Raczkowski and Schauer-Wallberg races. But in MI-1 (Stupak’s seat), Republican Dan Benishek leads Gary McDowell by 11 points with 60 percent of the precincts counted. And, for what it’s worth, Rep. (for life, I’ve long believed) John Dingell is 4 points (and about 2,000 votes) behind challenger Rob Steele with one-fourth of the precincts reporting in MI-15..
UPDATE: Dingell now leads Steele 50-46 (3,500 votes) with 48 percent of precincts in. Meanwhile, Benishek is the winner of the Stupak seat. And Republican Tim Wallberg leads incumbent Democrat Mark Schauer 51-44 (11,000 votes) with two-thirds of the precincts counted in MI-7.
MORE FROM MICHIGAN: Dingell wins, but Wallberg picks up one for the Republicans.
Incumbent Democrat Gary Peters leads Republican challenger Rocky Raczkowski by less than 4,000 votes with only 62 percent of the precincts in (for some reason). So the Republican pick-up in Michigan will be two (Banishek and Wallberg) or three (if Rocky makes it).


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