Coming up short in the Senate

My fear from early in the evening that the Republicans would not meet expectations in the Senate is proving correct. Harry Reid has been declared the winner in Nevada. And Patty Murray is leading in Washington by 15,000 votes with 60 percent of precincts in. There’s plenty of time for Rossi to close that gap, but with California and Nevada lost I have trouble feeling confident about Washington.
It looks, then, like the Republican Senate gain will be six or seven seats, depending on whether Buck pulls it out in Colorado, where he’s a little behind. (We also have to wait to be sure the Democrat doesn’t win in Alaska).
Six or seven isn’t bad, especially in light of the relatively small number of seats the Dems had to defend and the liberal tendencies of some of those states. But I had expected more gains, given the wave we’re seeing in the House.
UPDATE: Buck has moved slightly ahead in Colorado. He leads 48-47 with 60 percent of precincts reporting. His raw vote lead is only 9,000 votes.
Oh, and Democrat Scott McAdams in Alaska is running a distant third.


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