“Total write-in” jumps to an early lead in Alaska

With about 27 percent of the Alaska vote counted, “total write-in” has the lead in Alaska with 39 percent. Joe Miller is second with 34 percent. Democrat Scott McAdams is, thank goodness a distant third.
These figures are more or less in line with some of the poll numbers we reported. So maybe it’s not that difficult to poll a race with a serious write-in candidate.
Tabulating such a race is another matter. If “total write-in” comes in first, the write-in votes will have to be reviewed to see whether they should count as votes for Lisa Murkowski. Then the matter may have to be litigated.
UPDATE: Now, 40 percent of precincts have reported in Alaska. Total write-in still leads with 39 percent. Joe Miller is second with 35 percent.
I don’t whether the Eskimo and the “home school, fundamentalist home church, no home telephone” precincts are in yet, but I think I’ll call it a night.


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