Wasn’t that a mighty storm? part 3

I have a photo of an old poster produced in the immediate aftermath of the election of 1860. The poster enthusiastically celebrates the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency. One of its lines reads: “God bless the Keystone State!” Pennsylvania had come through big time for Lincoln.
Reader Lynda Bowen writes this morning with a message that brings that poster to mind: “I’m not bitter, nor do I own a firearm, but I am certainly one who ‘clings’ (in the sense of remaining steadfast) to God… and blessedly, my faith in my fellow electorate has been restored.”
Ms. Bowen cites the story “GOP wins largest majority in decades,” which notes the results in Pennsylvania last night: “The Republican wave washed over the [Pennsylvania] state Capitol on Tuesday, likely giving the GOP the biggest majority it has had in the state House since the 1950s. In the Senate, Republicans maintained their 30-20 seat margin, ensuring Gov.-elect Tom Corbett a General Assembly in Republican hands.”


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