Annals of the welfare state

Daniel Hannan reports on life on the dole in the United Kingdom:

Can you guess what they do for a living, the appalling protestors gathered outside the Old Bailey to support Roshonara Choudhry, who was given a life sentence for trying to murder an MP? That’s right: they’re living on benefits, one claiming to suffer from chronic fatigue disorder. (Although he was evidently not too fatigued to spend his day bellowing “British troops must die!”)
I’ve blogged before, in the context of Gaza, about the way in which unconditional subventions help create an almost ideal terrorist habitat. I wonder whether the same thing might apply to our own country. A surprising number of radical preachers are supported by the state, and most of the second set of Tube bombers were living on handouts.
Perhaps, if that option had been closed, some of these alienated young men might have become successful entrepreneurs instead of working themselves into a rage against the hand that fed them.

Whether or not they would have become successful entrepreneurs, life on the dole should not be an option that is open to them.