Thinking about Iran

I’m in New York staying at the hotel where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stayed when he was in town earlier this year. I understand Ahmadinejad asked for the Führer suite when he was here.
Last night we had the great good fortune of having National Review’s Jay Nordlinger join my daughter, my friend Kirk Kolbo and me for dinner at Hearth, Kirk’s favorite New York restaurant. During dinner Jay brought up the subject of Iran. He mentioned that one of the greatest frustrations he has experienced as a journalist was the inattention paid to John Negroponte’s comments in an interview Jay reported on last year.
Jay describes Negroponte as the former director of national intelligence, former ambassador in Iraq, former a lot of things. “Let me tell you what he said about Iran and nukes — sobering words, given what the man must know,” Jay wrote. Jay asked Negroponte: “What about Iran and the bomb?
Negroponte responded: “I think that’s what they want, I think that’s what they’re headed towards, I think that’s what they’re going to get.”
Given the source, Jay thought that was a newsworthy quote. He reported it online in NRO’s Corner, in National Review itself, and in other accounts of the interview. Jay returned to the quote again earlier this year. “I wrote about it everywhere but in my concert reviews,” he said. Jay thinks attention should be paid and something done about it, and I agree with him.
UPDATE: Jay reiterates his views with feeling today over at NRO’s Corner in this post. Please check it out.


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