“Socialism in one country” no longer good enough for ACORN

According to Politico, ACORN protesters were among the left-wing activists who appeared at a rally in New Dehli, India during President Obama’s visit there. Apparently, they were protesting the proposed liberalization of the retail industry, which could bring chains like Wal-Mart to India.
ACORN founder Wade Rathke was in India to help with the protest. Rathke is an old ally of Obama, whose ties to ACORN, as Stanley Kurtz has shown, were substantial (more so than Politico lets on in its story).
These days, though, Rathke speaks dismissively of his former comrade. “He’s in sales and promotion right now,” Rathke says. “I just wish the president had been a little more on message about what’s happening in India and a little less a corporate huckster,” he added.
Unfortunately, Obama is fully “on message” when it comes to advancing his radical agenda in one country — the U.S.