Help send Chris Van Hollen out a loser

Chris Van Hollen is my congressman. He’s also the chairman of DCCC, although I suspect not for much longer, given the recent drubbing of the House Dems.
Van Hollen has sent out this plea for cash in connection with the recounts taking place in various congressional districts:

This race is still not over.
There are still approximately nine races that remain too close to call. We are confident in winning most of these races but not unless we can get enough resources in time.
Recounts are a costly and many times lengthy process and the simple fact is that our campaigns are out of cash. We must raise $100,000 by Midnight Tomorrow.
Having these nine Democrats in Congress next year matters a great deal in winning in 2012, but also in stopping the Republicans’ extreme agenda to privatize Medicare and Social Security and dismantle health care and Wall Street reform.
We have already asked so much of you but this is the time we stand together and show the Republican party that we may be bruised but our spirit will not be broken.
Contribute $5, $10 or more today to support our critical voter protection efforts.

Van Hollen identifies three races of particular interest:

• In CA-11, Congressman Jerry McNerney is up by only a handful of votes over his radical Republican opponent who has called for all public schools in America to be abolished.
• In NY-01, Congressman Tim Bishop has seen wild swings in the vote total in his race against an extreme Republican who has made a career out of shipping American jobs overseas.
• In NC-02, Congressman Bob Etheridge remains locked in a too-close-to-call race against a tea party opponent who has called for an outright repeal of health care reform.

The Republicans in question are David Harmer, Randy Altschuler, and Renee Ellmers. You can help them with their expenses from the recount by following the links attached above to their names.
Van Hollen concludes with this plea:

We cannot let the Republicans use their same playbook of dirty tricks straight out of Florida in 2000 to sneak in these and six other far right wing candidates into Congress through the back door.
Contribute $5, $10 or more today to support our critical voter protection efforts.
Winning most of these nine races would send the strongest possible message to the media, the Republicans, and the world that our spirit is not broken.
Let’s fight harder than ever to win these nine races so we can stop the Republicans’ extreme agenda and continue standing up for working Americans.

Without being quite as breathless, I concur with Van Hollen about the stakes.


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