Still counting

We all have a sick feeling that Republicans lose races they won on election day if the count goes into overtime. Jim Geraghty has been doing a good job at NRO’s Campaign Spot keeping up with the seven congressional races that are still in limbo. Republicans hold leads in five of the seven races.
Via this post at Campaign Spot I find that the NRCC has set up the Still Counting page to solicit contributions in connection with races that have gone into overtime. I may be mistaken, but I think it is most effective to contribute to the campaigns involved in these post-election proceedings directly. On the other hand, the NRCC is in a position to track the state of play in these races and allocate resources as makes the most sense. All seven of the races in limbo feature attractive Republican candidates who can still win, though I am least sure of the Vidak race mentioned at the bottom of this post.
I have kept in touch with the campaigns of Renee Ellmers in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District and Randy Altschuler in New York’s First Congressional District. They both hold leads in their races, but are engaged in costly post-election proceedings. Ellmers leads Bob “Who are you?” Etheridge by 1,489 votes; Altschuler leads Tim “central purpose of the Constitution” Bishop by 383 votes.
The other Republican candidates who hold leads are Blake Farenthold in Texas’s Twenty-Seventh Congressional District (Farenthold leads Solomon Ortiz by 792 votes); Ann Marie Buerkle in New York’s Twenty-Fifth Congressional District (Buerkle leads by Dan Maffei by 687 votes); and Joe Walsh in Illinois’s Eighth Congressional District (Walsh leads Melissa Bean by 387 votes).
Republicans trail in the two remaining races, both in California. David Harmer trails Jerry McNerney by 1,685 votes in California’s Eleventh Congressional District, with thousands of ballots still to be counted. Andy Vidak trails Jim Costa by 1,318 votes in California’s Twentieth Congressional District, again with thousands of ballots remaining to be counted.


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