“Govt unveils tough new immigration rules”

The headline is real, but, unfortunately, it refers to the United Kingdom, not the U.S.:

The coalition government said on Tuesday it would cut the number of non-EU migrants allowed to work in the country by a fifth to a maximum of 21,700 a year, as it seeks to radically slash immigration levels.
Home Secretary Theresa May also announced plans to tighten student and marriage visas, as the government seeks to cut migration from the current level of hundreds of thousands of arrivals a year, to tens of thousands.
“This is a comprehensive package that will help us to meet our goal of reducing net migration at the same time as attracting the brightest and the best and those with the skills our country needs,” May told MPs.

It seems like a novel idea: designing an immigration system that benefits your own country.

A new category of visas will be introduced for “wealth creators” and “people of exceptional talent”, amid criticism that some of the brightest academics, scientists and artists will be stopped from coming to Britain. …
May also signalled a tougher approach to those hoping to marry British nationals and settle here, saying that from next week, all those applying for marriage visas must demonstrate “a minimum standard of English”.

Of course, Great Britain has a much worse problem with lack of assimilation than we do, but that doesn’t excuse the irrationality of our immigration system.


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