Chandra Levy died for INS’ sins (of omission)

Ingmar Guandique has been found guilty in the murder of former federal intern Chandra Levy. Guandque is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, a fact that reports from some major MSM outlets failed to note.
Assuming the jury reached the correct verdict, Chandra Levy presumably would be alive today if the federal government had enforced the immigration laws as to Guandique. But even with the stakes of immigration enforcement this high (and higher — think of Mohammad Atta), the feds attempt to block states like Arizona from taking effective measures to assist in enforcing the immigration laws.
It is difficult for the feds (and would be even with assistance from the states) to secure our borders to the point that no illegal immigrants can slip into the U.S. and remain here. But Guandique didn’t exactly slip into the U.S. As Michelle Malkin reported, in an article she wrote about Guandique way back in 2002, he applied for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). This is a program under which we allow the victims of natural disasters to remain in the U.S. while their homeland recovers.
Because Guandique applied, the feds knew he was in the country. Yet they did not track him down (and as far as appears did not go looking for him) after his application was denied. That left him free to attack several women in Washington D.C.”s Rock Creek Park, before he eventually attacked and killed Chandra Levy.


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