Democrats “arm” themselves for Thanksgiving

One of the distinctive features of Thanksgiving is that we tend to share it with extended family, not just immediate members. To my knowledge, this is almost universally considered a good thing — indeed, I think it helps explain the holiday’s enormous popularity.
Unless you’re a certain kind of liberal Democrat. Consider the nightmarish vision of Thanksgiving presented in this email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee via its executive director, Jon Vogel:

Picture this. You’re settling in at the table on Thursday and in between shouts of “please pass the mashed potatoes,” one of your relatives starts repeating one of Sarah Palin’s lies, or some ludicrous accusation about President Obama that he heard at a tea party rally or on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.
To make sure that you’re ready to talk politics with all of your obnoxious Republican relatives this Thanksgiving, we’re proud to bring you a special pre-Turkey Day edition of @Stake.
Return of the DCCC’s Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet
You just know it’s bound to happen, especially after an election season as heated as this one was. That Republican relative we all have is going to show up at Thanksgiving and start parroting lies about Democrats that he heard on Fox News or from one of those shadow group attack ads he saw on TV during the campaign.
That’s why we’re proud to bring back the DCCC’s Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet. The Cheat Sheet will arm you with the real facts so you can answer back with the truth as soon as your Republican relatives start sounding like Sarah Palin.
Download the DCCC’s 2010 Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet to make sure you’re ready to do political battle with any Republicans who show up at your Turkey Day feast.

For Democratic operatives, Thanksgiving seems to represent little more than the occasion for unpleasant encounters with folks who don’t see the world as they do, coupled with an opportunity to inject their talking points into our homes. What’s next from these fun loving, fellowship oriented Dems, their “strife on earth, ill will to men” Christmas cheat sheet?