WikiLeaks’ Israel-related cables

In an email message, Josh Block writes that “one of the most interesting overall themes” in the stolen cables obtained by Wikileaks “is the restraint seen to typify the Israelis on Iran, in contrast to the typical Brzezinski, Scowcroft, Walt/Mearsheimer, Glenn Greenwald-Neo-prog, netroots claims Israel is trying to prod us to fight and bomb Iran for them.” Josh writes that “in the end, one of the most obvious takeaways from these Wikileaks [documents] is devastating to the whole Left/Realist narrative about Israeli manipulation. The Israelis come off as cool customers, while the Arabs are totally freaking out and literally demanding the US bomb [Iran].”
Josh cites the summary of the Israel-related cables at Israelly Cool. Omri Ceren’s summary at Mere Rhetoric is also must reading.